Housing Authority of the County of Kern

Staff Directory

Stephen Pelz, Executive Director



Campbell, Dale –  Finance Director
Kimmel, Heather- Assistant Executive Director hkimmel@kernha.org
Mungary, Clinton - Grants Manager
Posey, Tina – Housing Administrator- Assisted Sites
Sharples, Mardi- Housing Administrator- Voucher Programs
Trimble, Troy – Tech & Investigations Director

Valenzuela, Leslie – Personnel Director

Administrative Support

Guzman, Maria - Administrative Coordinator mguzman@kernha.org
Manongdo, Jeannie – Office Assistant II jmanongdo@kernha.org
Trujillo, Gardenia - Office Assistant I gtrujillo@kernha.org


Campbell, Dale – Finance Director dcampbell@kernha.org
Camorlinga, Leticia – Accounting Technician lcamorlinga@kernha.org
Brindley, Dinah - Accounting Clerk dbrindley@kernha.org
Dahms, Angela – Accounting Technician II adahms@kernha.org
Gourley, Janet – Accounting Technician II
Hernandez, Andrea – Accounting Technician II ahernandez@kernha.org
Jeffers, Nick - Accounting Manager njeffers@kernha.org
Lunetta, Maggie - Accounting Technician mlunetta@kernha.org
Naranjo, Rosey - Accounting Technician rnaranjo@kernha.org
Norman, Jodi – Accounting Technician II jnorman@kernha.org
Trehan, Nidhi - Accountant ntrehan@kernha.org


Housing Management- Applications

Davis, Monique - Office Assistant III mdavis@kernha.org
Deleon, Lucy - Office Assistant I LDeleon@kernha.org
Farkas, Jasmine - Office Assistant l jfarkas@kernha.org
Irizarry, Nellie - Housing Specialist                       nirrizary@kernha.org  
Lopez, Priscilla – Housing Coordinator plopez@kernha.org
Moreno, Felisa - Owner Liaison Fmoreno@kernha.org
Pina, Melissa – Housing Specialist mpina@kernha.org
Pittman, Taniya – Housing Specialist                    tpittman@kernha.org
Shannon Shoopman, Office Assistant II sshoopman@kernha.org

Computer Support

 Alvarez, Jeremy - Computer Services Technician jalvarez@kernha.org


Ketcherside, Bruce – P/T Investigator          bketcherside@kernha.org
Villa, Valerie- P/T Office Assistant I vvilla@kernha.org

Facilities Management

Montez, Johnny – Facilities Management Specialist jmontez@kernha.org
Ruiz, Michael – Facilities Management Specialist mruiz@kernha.org
Shears, Laura - Office Assistant III LShears@kernha.org

Housing Management- Assisted Sites

Avila, Nikki – Housing Manager                              cavila@kernha.org
Corpuz, Maria – Housing Manager mcorpuz@kernha.org
Davis, Monique - Office Assistant III/ Hearings mdavis@kernha.org
Dominguez, Juana (Anabel) – Housing Manager jdominguez@kernha.org
De La Fuente, Gina – Housing Manager GDeLaFuente@kernha.org
Esparza, Rebecca - Housing Manager resparza@kernha.org
Figures, Stephanie – Housing Manager sfigures@kernha.org
Herrera, Rosalia (Lia) – Housing Manager rherrera@kernha.org
Lane, Felicia – Compliance Specialist flane@kernha.org
Lock, Stefanie – Housing Manager slock@kernha.org
Lopez, Laura – Housing Manager llopez@kernha.org
Mayorga, Carlos – Housing Manager cmayorga@kernha.org
Moreno, Felisa  – Housing Manager (Interim) fmoreno@kernha.org
Nuno-Villegas, Sandra – Housing Coordinator SNunoVillegas@kernha.org
Ortega, Hannah – Housing Coordinator hortega@kernha.org
Palma, Grace - Housing Manager gpalma@kernha.org
Pacheco, Erica - Housing Manager Epacheco@kernha.org
Pantoja, Alma - Housing Manager Apantoja@kernha.org
Pratt, Shamekka - Housing Manager spratt@kernha.org
Ramirez, Angelica – Housing Manager aramirez@kernha.org
Richardson, Renee - Housing Manager rrichardson@kernha.org
Rodriguez-Everet, Marie - Housing Manager meverett-rodriguez@kernha.org
Smith, Julie – Housing Manager jsmith@kernha.org


Saucedo, Crystal – Office Assistant III                      csaucedo@kernha.org
Valenzuela, Leslie – Personnel Director            lvalenzuela@kernha.org

Resident Initiatives

Alawgarey, Yazid - Lead Service Coordinator yalawgarey@kernha.org
Carrera, Chris – Service Coordinator                                  ccarrera@kernha.org
Elijah, Naomi - Office Assistant III nelijah@kernha.org
Garcia, Gloria – Service Coordinator ggarcia@kernha.org
Gomez, Wendy - Service Coordinator wgomez@kernha.org
Lua, Brenda - Marketing Associate blua@kernha.org
Lopez-Bustoz, Gloria - Service Coordinator glbustoz@kernha.org
Moreno, Isabel - Lead Service Coordinator imoreno@kernha.org
Kendrick, Cynthia – Service Coordinator ckendrick@kernha.org
Rangle, Rose - Service Coordinator rrangle@kernha.org
Vargas, Nikka – Service Coordinator nvargas@kernha.org
Way, Michelle - Service Coordinator mway@kernha.org

Housing Management- Voucher Programs

Acosta, Mirna - Housing Specialist I                                    macosta@kernha.org
Barrera, Adriana - Housing Specialist I abarrera2@kernha.org
Camacho, Patty - Housing Specialist I pcamacho@kernha.org
Davis, Monique - Office Assistant III/ Hearings mdavis@kernha.org
Dodd, Derrick – Housing Specialist II ddodd@kernha.org
Farkas, Jasmine - Office Assistant l jfarkas@kernha.org
Fermin, Paulina - Housing Specialist pfermin@kernha.org
Figueroa, Angel - Housing Specialist afigueroa@kernha.org
Guevara, Priscilla – Housing Specialist I pguevara@kernha.org
Hernandez, Jasmin - Office Assistant I jhernandez@kernha.org
Hoag, Kristina - Housing Specialist I khoag@kernha.org
Musquez, Ellie - Housing Specialist I emusquez@kernha.org
Orozco, Rosa - Housing Coordinator rorozco@kernha.org
Provencio, Cristina – Housing Coordinator                cprovencio@kernha.org
Ringgold, Lyny – Housing Specialist II  lringgold@kerhnha.org 
Rodriguez, Tina - Office Assisant I trodriguez@kernha.org
Scanlan, Herman- Housing Navigator hscanlan@kernha.org
Starkey, Helene - Housing Specialist  hstarkey@kernha.org
Toquillas, Cecilia - Housing Specialist ctoquillas@kernha.org
Valenzuela, Maria - Housing Specialist mvalenzuela@kernha.org