Housing Authority of the County of Kern

Low Income Public Housing

This federally-funded Program is administered at twelve (12) housing developments operated by the Agency. Rents are based on 30% of the tenant’s monthly net adjusted income or ceiling rents, based on the size of the unit – whichever is less. Families must pay a minimum of $50.00 for rent each month. There is a total of 865 LIPH units in Kern County.  Click here to obtain and print out an application for Low Income Public Housing. Applications may be mailed or submitted to the Central Office in the Applications Department at 601-24th Street, Bakersfield, CA 93301 or at any local housing development office.

For the location of a development near you, see Locations. All completed applications must be returned to the Applications Department in the Central Office either by mail or delivered personally. All eligibility interviews will be conducted at the Central Office in Bakersfield.

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