Housing Authority of the County of Kern

The Landlord Partnership Program (LPP)

Rent to a homeless individual with a voucher!

The Landlord Partnership Program (LPP) is a benefit to income property owners who may be wary of renting to a homeless individual who does not have credit history or landlord references. The Housing Authority of the county of Kern Addresses this issue by creating this LPP to help preserve the investment of a participating landlord while ensuring safe, affordable housing for someone in need.

Participating landlords may apply for a reimbursement for minor unit repairs up to a maximum of $750 when they rent their home or apartment to a homeless individual with a housing voucher. Rent to a homeless individual that is seeking housing with a voucher between the eligible time periods of April 1, 2018 and April 1, 2019

The LPP can cover:

♦When tenant caused damages that exceeded the security deposit, or tenant caused damages are identified on an HQS inspection and will lead to eviction;

♦ Property Damage was caused as a result of tenant’s occupancy, while under a rental agreement at the time the damage was incurred;

♦ Damage to property exceeds normal wear and tear; and

♦ The tenant’s occupancy in the unit has not exceeded eighteen months.

For more information on how to accept the housing voucher and rent to someone in need please contact Cristina Provencio, Housing Coordinator 661-631-8500 Ext 1117

Landlord partnership Program Flyer