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The Section 8 Waiting List is Closed

Low Income Public Housing
The Low Income Public Housing (LIPH) waiting list is open to apply. This federally-funded program is designed for low-income families and individuals. Rents are based on thirty percent (30%) of the tenants’ monthly net adjusted income. Under the LIPH Program families and individuals are placed in developments that are owned and operated by the Housing Authority of the County of Kern.

Applications can be obtained by:

  • Non-fillable application click here.
  • Espanol  haga click aqui.
  • Reporting in person at the Central Office at 601 – 24th Street, Bakersfield, Ca 93301 or at your local project office.

After completing the application submit to the Applications Department by mail or by delivering in person at 601 – 24th Street, Bakersfield, Ca. The application will then be processed and a letter will be mailed to the applicants’ mailing address informing them of placement in waiting list. If there is a change in the size of the familiy while the application is in the waiting list it is to be reported to the Applications Department in writing and the information will be then updated. The Applications Department will contact the applicants by letter when their application reaches near the top of the waiting list.